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Day 50 (Dec 14th)Edit

'A challenge by Sarah 'italian(video removed) Video Link

Sarah has to guess who is kissing her... not fun at all... but Sarah looks really hot!!! 

Day 51 (Dec 15th)Edit

Veronica and Alberto discussion Italian(video removed)

Veronica and Alberto discuss expenses. There's a little interaction with Sarah jumping in on the discussion but mostly it's just good to watch Sarah in her tank.

'Veronica and Sarah in bed Italian(video removed)'

Tullio is speaking with Sarah and Veronica about George and Massimo. At 5:10 a kiss. So far, its the first kiss we see on camera. **clean up add relevant info or moments.**

Quarrel for the parmesan cheese Italian(video removed)

Veronica fights with Carmela about cheese around 5:00

  • moments to watch for:
    • Sarah is pretty much quiet the whole argument but she makes her move at 8:00 to sit by Vero. I would like to think it's more of a supportive and protective move.

Sarah, Veronica, and Mauro Italian(video removed)

The girls are goofing around with Mauro

Day 52 (Dec 16th)Edit

Veronica, Sarah, and others try to throw Mauro in the pool Italian(video removed)

Veronica speaks with Sarah Italian(video removed)

As a joke, Sarah will pretend to be interested in Massimo Italian(video removed)

Day 53 (Dec 17th)Edit

"Day 53" Part 1 Part 2(videos removed)

Official summary of the day.

Sarah and Veronica talk about Dominique Italian(video removed)

Preparing for the Christmas Performance Italian(video removed)

Day 54 (Dec 18th)Edit

Day 55 (Dec 19th)Edit

Day 56 (Dec 20th)Edit

The Christmas Show, Part 1 - Italian(video removed)