This Monday's live show, Veronica and Mauro are up for eviction. Veronica is evicted. Sad day, and Sarah is spotted very teary-eyed. Carmen is evicted in a surprise round of nominations for the same night. The nominations are by the housemates. The boys have to pick on girl and vice-versa. Mauro, who is picked unanimously by the girls, is against Carmen. About 30 - 40 mins of televoting, and Carmen is revealed to be the next housemate to leave the house. She leaves almost immediately.

There is no reunion shown between Sarah and Veronica. The live show has been a disappointment for Il Sogno.

There is speculation as to why and for what Sarah left her chair right after Veronica was evicted for ~30 mins.

Remaining in the house is 4 guys (Alberto, Maicol, Giorgio, Mauro) and 2 girls (Cristina, Mara). Up for nomination this week is Alberto, Mauro, Maicol and Cristina.

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