The Grande Fratello casa or the Big Brother house is located in a studio in Cinecittà, south of Rome.

== Houseplan==

Although this houseplan is taken from Grande Fratello season 9, it is very similar to the one used in the 10th edition.

You can click the image to enlarge it further.

GF 9 Casa Large

Il Confessionale The confession room is the red room where housemates can go at anytime or are told to go to share their feelings on anything, or talk in secret to the GF producers. They still do not see or in physical contact with any person, instead are facing a glass. Here the walls are soundproof.

The laundry room The grey room to the left of the confessionale. This is where housemates can go to pick up new supplies such as batteries ("cambio batteria"), food, water, gifts from GF. It is the only point of delivery and entrance for G.F. and the housemates. Hence is kept locked. To enter, housemates must buzz in.

== Beds==

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== From The Sky==

The Gradne Fratello house is located somewhere in around the Cinecittà district. Here is a satellite map of the area:

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